EHC Plans

Below you will find all of our resources and information on EHC plans, but if you have any questions or can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch.

All About EHC Plans

An education, health and care plan is a legal document which describes of a child / young person’s special educational, health care and social care needs as well as the provision required to support these needs. See more about EHC plans here, including what each section must contain and examples of good practice.

Getting an EHC Plan

If you may need an EHC plan, either the educational setting or the parent of a child or the young people themselves can ask the local authority to consider carrying out an EHC needs assessment. Read more about the process here and see a template letter that a parent or young person can use to ask the local authority to carry out an EHC needs assessment.

Reviews of EHC Plans

An EHC plan must be reviewed at least every year. If needs have changed, or you have concerns about provision or placement you or the educational setting may want to ask for the EHC plan to be reviewed earlier. See more about the annual review process here.

Phase Transfer

Check out our video below which explains more about moving to a new phase of education.

Moving House With An EHC Plan

If you move from one local authority area to another with an EHC plan, there is a procedure that must be followed. You can read more about it here.

Personal Budgets

A personal budget is the notional amount of money that would be needed to cover the cost of making the special educational provision specified in the EHC plan. Parents and young people can ask the LA for a personal budget when an EHC plan is being drawn up or when it is being reviewed. They can ask the LA to identify elements of the personal budget which they may be able to receive as a direct payment. This is an actual amount of money that a parent or young person can receive so that they can commission the provision in the EHC plan themself.