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The service you provide is outstanding and is there to help people and I can say everyone needs to ring for help they won’t be disappointed. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
The staff have expert knowledge about SEND guidelines and the local offering and support. They also have a very good understanding of the parents struggles and difficulties families are facing when their children find school difficult. This made me feel understood and heard and was a great comfort during times of stress due to school avoidance. The service is of highest quality.
Staff are really special people who listen and give advice without judgement. Anyone needing support with their child/ren education should definitely contact IASS.
Fabulous people who really care - makes such a difference. Thank you.
Made navigating a confusing system easier and clearer with relevant signposting.
Overall the service provided by IASS was invaluable to me, my situation and needs. I felt reassured knowing that I had a confident, knowledgeable, professional guiding me and providing me with impartial advice following legal guidelines.
An amazing service, everyone I have spoken with has been wonderful and so helpful and nothing has been too much trouble.
I always recommend IASS to anyone who needs help and support. The service has been amazing and honestly so nice to have people who understand and know the law.
This service was absolutely amazing and I would not have managed to go through an appeal without IASS.
It was nice to talk to someone who showed genuine compassion and care.
Fantastic service so helpful and informative. Provided some much needed information when I was unable to access it elsewhere.
IASS gives me confidence. I know I have somewhere to go if I have questions. I feel rightly informed or correctly redirected.
A fantastic support and listening ear while going through a tough time with lots of worries and concerns.