Mediation & Appeals

Below you will find all of our resources and information regarding the mediation and appeals process, but if you need any more information or have any questions please get in touch.

What If I Don't Agree?

See this section for steps you can take if you are not happy with a school’s decisions about SEN.


Before a parent or young person can register an appeal (unless they are just appealing section I) they must first consider (but not necessarily undertake) mediation with the local authority.

Appealing to the SEND Tribunal

If you disagree with a local authority EHC plan decision with the content of your final EHC plan, you may have a right to appeal. There are appeal rights when a local authority refuses to carry out an EHC needs assessment or refuses to issue an EHC plan after an EHC needs assessment. Also, where the local authority issues a final EHC plan and you are unhappy with sections B, F and / or I. See below for more information about appeals. Including an appeal pack produced by IPSEA specifically for those considering appealing a decision not to carry out an EHC needs assessment.

Video Hearings at the SEND Tribunal